LOVE Rabit Fur Felt Ocelot


You want to be elegant; feel special, feel happy and loved. Wear LOVE, the heart-shaped hat, it punctuates your mood and outfit. Moreover, leopard printed is the must-have for the fall-winter days.


Did you know? The LOVE hat has been inspired by Canada where the heart is an often-used symbol. We think that the heart is universal, for everyone, for a world where more love is needed. Since it’s launch, the LOVE hat has a huge success and has become the iconic hat model for MY BOB.


MY BOB inducts originality and traditions from over of the world. The collections are inspired by travels around the world. The original heart-shaped brings us to Canada. MY BOB headwear is the perfect accessory to assert and enhance your style or break standards and have fun with contrasts.


Each hat is delivered in a luxurious hatbox to protect, to avoid distortions and daily incidents.


Spread LOVE with MY BOB.


  • Sizing : M
  • Handmade in Italia with rabbit fur felt.
  • Delivered with his nice hatbox
  • Can be customised with MY BOB feather- and embroidered brooches

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