Reward yourself for your daily missions and make every day an opportunity. This fine creation embellishes your jacket, blouse or headwear in your daily life or for a special occasion.

Did you Know? This small gold and red cross is a symbol of Nordic people. It is originally a military award attached to bravery, achievement and distinction in Finland.

MY BOB inducts originality and traditions from over of the world. Embroidery is carried out in India. The brooches are inspired by travels around the world; PARTNERSHIP brings you to Finland.

Each MY BOB brooch is delivered in a luxurious MY BOB red packaging which makes it a special present.

Treat yourself or a beloved one with this unique handmade gift!

  • Size : 5cm x 5cm
  • 100 % nylon embroidered
  • Handmadein India with polyester, metal, glass and acrylic
  • Delivered in a beautiful jewelry box.

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