felt headwear

It takes between 9 to 12 days to handcraft felt, a difficult material to work with. The fine felt provides a very soft touch for the more quality headwear which we elaborate in Spain, specialized in classic high-quality headwear. From the shaping to the final decoration, all the steps are mainly managed by a team of motivated women that sing traditional songs during their breaks.

For the more fantasy and fashion felt headwear we work together with a more fashionable fine Italian workshop.


feather brooches

MY BOB feather brooches are realised in Germany. The fine feathers are crafted by an Italian atelier which is collaborating with creative designers for over 50 years.

The feathers are chosen according to their type, dimension and colour. After being washed and disinfected, they are dyed, trimmed and painted with delicacy. 

The ready feathers are travelling to Germany to be assembled with care by craftswomen in a workshop that exists since 1923. This traditional German profession is very famous as feather brooches were worn on country hats. 


embroidered brooches

India is a world to visit and also a treasure of craftsmanship. We have the pleasure to work with the famous regional embroiderers mastering various technics of hand embroidery. 

Together with the workshop responsible, Anne develops the creations. 

The used techniques and styles are defined by the moodboard and designs.

You want to give more volume with the French knots, more colours with the sparkling beads or richness with the Cathy knots. 


macramé & Passementerie

MY BOB macramé and passementerie creations are realised by very talented Italian artisans. 

Together with the workshop responsible, the creative director Anne, develops the fine colourful accessories. It is a combination of her mood board and drawings, the macramé techniques mastered by the workshop chief and the chosen materials. 

Ribbons from the headwear are recycled in the development of some creations. 

MY BOB macramé is totally handmade which makes it unique.