Bob Star Raffia

Expertly crafted in Madagascar for a touch of exotic elegance. Handwoven with precision, this hat features flexible raffia that effortlessly accompanies you on your travels, providing both style and comfort. Embrace the artisanal excellence of Madagascar's craftsmanship and MY BOB style, elevate your casual chic with the BOB STAR Raffia Bucket Hat.


feather brooches

MY BOB feather brooches are realised in Germany. The fine feathers are crafted by an Italian atelier which is collaborating with creative designers for over 50 years.

The feathers are chosen according to their type, dimension and colour. After being washed and disinfected, they are dyed, trimmed and painted with delicacy. 

The ready feathers are travelling to Germany to be assembled with care by craftswomen in a workshop that exists since 1923. This traditional German profession is very famous as feather brooches were worn on country hats. 


Cotton & raffia bags

Our cotton and raffia bags are entirely handmade by an experienced Brussels craftsman with whom we have been working for seven years. We have developed two models in a variety of colours and patterns.

Each bag comes with a macramé bag strap, handmade by highly skilled craftsmen in Italy.

Our bags are designed with a unique leather 'hat-holder' system that ensures that you can carry your hat with ease and style.



Discover MY BOB embroidered belts, designed to enhance your style. Created by creative director Anne and the head of the workshop, these belts are true works of art. Each model combines vibrant materials with intricate embroidery techniques, with unique patterns and textures that showcase the skills of local artisans. More than just accessories, these belts are a bold statement of your individuality and refinement, offering a unique addition to your wardrobe.


macramé & Passementerie

MY BOB’s macramé creations have been hand crafted by renowned and highly skilled artisans from Italy.
Developed by our creative director, Anne, along with our workshop manager, they are the result of the designer’s drawings and imagination combined with a selection of colourful materials and intricate macramé techniques.

Macramé is the art of knotting materials in patterns to make decorative articles. First developed by sailors in the 13th century, it’s a technique that quickly travelled from the Middle East to Spain and beyond. Recycled ribbons from our headwear are used to make these creations. Handmade, each piece is totally unique.