BERET Leather Pink


The very soft beret made out of high-quality leather, it is the perfect accessory for a romantic, French or artistic look. Easy foldable, it never looses its shape and remains the easy headwear for many situations.


It generally considered to be a male headwear, it has, however become a women’s fashion element. Female movie stars like Greta Garbo, Brigitte Bardo or Michèle Morgan have made beret their leitmotiv.


Did you know? Berets have existed since the middle ages. It was, since the 18th century, the artists’ headwear mainly among painters. This accessory was considered as a comfortable indoor hairstyle.


MY BOB inducts originality and traditions from over of the world. The collections are inspired by travels around the world. MY BOB BERET is carry out in Italia.


Each beret is delivered in a cotton MY BOB bag to make it more special.


  • Handmade in Italia with leather
  • Delivered with a nice cotton MY BOB bag
  • Can be customised with MY BOB feather- and embroidered brooches
  • Different ways to wear it

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