The COLONEL Brooch draws its inspiration from the energy of Provence. Embroidered with quality wood, it embodies the charm and tradition of this emblematic region of southern France. The motifs that adorn this brooch tell a story rich in history and pride. They recall the prestigious decorations awarded to colonels who served with distinction. Like a precious medal, this brooch embodies bravery, honour and dedication.

The is magnificent brooch is hand embroidered in India by the world famous embroiderers using different embroidery techniques and materials. Each unique brooch embellishes your jacket, blouse or headwear. It makes you special and fashionable.

  • Size: 4,5 cm x1,5 cm

  • Handmade in India

  • 100 % nylon embroidered

  • Delivered in a luxurious MY BOB jewellery box

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