LAKE Brooch


The LAKE Brooch is inspired by gardens in bloom, capturing the beauty of a lake surrounded by brilliantly coloured flowers. Each element of this brooch is a striking reflection of reality: the natural shell captures the light like water reflecting the sun's rays, and the use of coloured pearls and natural wood perfectly evoke the splendour of nature in a summer garden.

This brooch is hand embroidered in India by the world famous embroiderers using different embroidery techniques and materials. Each unique brooch embellishes your jacket, blouse or headwear. It makes your outfit unique and modern. MY BOB inducts originality and traditions from all over the world. 

  • Size: 5,5 x4,5cm

  • Handmade in India

  • 100 % nylon embroidered

  • Delivered in a luxurious MY BOB jewellery box

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