NIGHT FLOWER Brooch - Embroidery Burgundy


Reward yourself for your daily missions and make every day an opportunity. This fine creation embellishes your jacket, blouse or headwear in your daily life or for a special occasion.

Did you Know ? The Flower of Scotland is an unoffical national anthem used for the first time by scottish supporters of the rugby team " Lions".

MY BOB inducts originality and traditions from over of the world. Embroidery is carried out in India. This brooch is inspired by Scotland.

Each MY BOB brooch is delivered in a luxurious MY BOB red packaging which makes it a special present.

Treat yourself or a beloved one with this unique handmade gift!

How to wear it ? On your favourite cap !

  • Size : 2,5 cm x 2,5cm
  • 100 % nylon embroidered
  • Handmade in India with polyester, metal and acrylic
  • Delivered in a beautiful jewellery box.

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