OLIVE Brooch


The OLIVE brooch draws its inspiration from the enchanting energy of Provence. For thousands of years, the profound symbolism of the olive branch has evoked peace, victory, loyalty and strength, giving this piece a meaning imbued with history and timeless values. The shimmering hues of this brooch are inspired by the captivating colours of Van Gogh's painting "Olive trees with yellow sky and sun", adding a striking artistic touch to this creation.

This brooch is hand embroidered in India by the world famous embroiderers using different embroidery techniques and materials. Each unique brooch embellishes your jacket, blouse or headwear. It makes your outfit unique and modern.

  • Size: 10,5x5 cm

  • Handmade in India

  • 100 % nylon embroidered

  • Delivered in a luxurious MY BOB jewellery box

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